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Teeth Whitening Coupon Codes UKWhiten and maintain your white smile with lightning gel which raises the whiteness of your teeth by a couple shades, so it is an excellent way to maintain your beautiful smile. The way it works is: you paint the gel onto your teeth and leave it on overnight. Easy!
On top of a daily dental hygiene regimen, you will probably also want to consider cutting out tea, coffee, or cigarettes, as these luxuries in life have a tendency to darken and stain your teeth.
Having white teeth is affordable and easy to do and should be part of your daily dental regimen. In fact, once you’ve achieved a whiteness you’re happy with, you’ll find it even easier because the gel whitens your teeth while you sleep. What could be easier than that? Next time you have a party or special occasion to attend, make a great entrance and leave a fantastic impression with a gorgeous smile that will draw people’s eyes to you!

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CGA5OFF – Get extra 5% OFF on your Baket for orders over GBP 75*

CG2FRE – Free Reminalizing Gel for orders over GBP 19*


CG3FRE – Free Shipping for orders over GBP 49.98*

*Coupons are valid till 15th of December 2018,
 they cannot be combined, a single coupon can be used/order, copy add each coupon on checkout