Discover the Best Products For White Teeth

Dicover the Best Products For White Teeth

The quest for white teeth is a never ending cycle. There are constantly new products on the market to try that claim they work quicker and better then any other brand. There are so many teeth whitener products and so little time! Whitening trays, whitening strips, and teeth whitener toothpastes are all products that claim to make your teeth white.

Whitening trays are trays that mold to your teeth and are filled with teeth whitening gel. They are intended for use at night. The tray makes white teeth over about a two week period. Many times the gel will come in different strengths, depending on how white you want your teeth. This is probably the most expensive way to bleach your teeth. However, it closely resembles the method many dentists use to create white teeth.

Fairly recently a craze for whitening strips swept over the nation. These strips use a hydrogen Peroxide solution to make whiter teeth. They are actually cheaper then whitening trays and tend to show results in less time. They claim your teeth become white in seven days. Several well known brands have come out with these revolutionary strips such as Crest and Oral B Rembrandt.

Perhaps a much simpler way to create white teeth is with teeth whitener toothpaste. This toothpaste is not necessarily cheaper then other methods for teeth whitening, but is much less uncomfortable or messy. Many people don’t like to put trays or strips over their teeth. They are uncomfortable and can cause a bad taste in one’s mouth. With teeth whitening toothpaste, you can simply brush and rinse and you’re done. One downside to this toothpaste is the time it takes to become effective. Since the teeth are not constantly subjected to bleaching compounds, teeth will take longer to turn white.

Society has made it so important to have a white smile. There are so many products on the market to help your teeth accomplish just that. Whitening trays, whitening strips, and teeth whitener toothpastes are just some of the many products available to make your teeth white.