Technician Made Custom Bleaching Trays by Post

We Strive to Offer the Best Teeth Whitening Products and Methods Available. We Have and Will Continue to Offer the Highest Quality Whitening Systems, Gel, Dental Care Products and Bleaching Trays There Are.
We now Offer Lab Made Bleaching Trays as Well as Our Standard Thermoform Trays.

Which is Best?

Technician Made Custom Bleaching Trays by Post

Each has its Advantages.Our Thermoform Trays are a Great Product, they are Not One Size Fits all, You Mould them to Your Teeth before You Start Whitening. They are The Industry Standard, Inexpensive, Quick and Easy to Use. These Trays made At Home Teeth Whitening Possible.

We have Sold Countless Thousands Over the Years and will Continue to Offer them with Our Teeth Whitening Systems.


Lab Made Upper and Lower Custom Bleaching Trays are Tailor Made Precision Trays. Individually Fabricated by Our Technicians. We have Simplified the Whole Process and You can have Your Custom Bleaching Trays Quickly and for Far Less than You would Pay at a Dentist. We Send You a Complete Impression Kit with Easy You Follow Instructions, including an Extra Set of Putty incase You make a mistake. Return the Impessions and a few days later You have your Own Lab Made Bleaching Trays. You would be lucky to get an Initial Appointment at a Dentist in that Time. You can Expect the Usual Outstanding Value from ProWhiteSmile. Buy A Set of Lab Made Custom Trays for Only £59 or Custom Bleaching Trays for 2 People for only £99…

LIMITED TIME OFFER, A Free Large Syringe of Our 22% Carbamde Peroxide Gel and A FREE Syringe of Remineralising Gel with Each Set of Lab Made Bleaching Trays.


Our Lab made Custom Tray Complete System called The Ultima is only £79.99.It comes with Upper and Lower Technician Made Custom Trays, Three Large 10ml syringes of Our 22% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, a Free Set of ProWhiteSmile Thermo Trays so you can start Whitening Your Teeth Immediately AND a Free Syringe of Remineralising Gel. That’s a Saving of Nearly £32 for the Extra Items when Bought Individually. Your New Lab Made Bleaching Trays are Returned to You in a Hygienic Storage Case…

LIMITED TIME OFFER, Buy Two Ultima Complete Systems as Described Above for Only £129.

Whichever You Choose,each type of Tray System will give You Amazing Teeth Whitening Results when used with ProWhiteSmiles 22% Tooth Whitening Gel.

Our Lab made Custom Teeth Whitening Trays can be Used with Any Good Quality Teeth Whitening Gel.