Laser Teeth Whitening Plasma Light Technology

Our compact and easy to use at home laser plasma light is specifically shaped and manufactured foraccelerated teeth whiteningLaser teeth whiening and offers uniform,even distribution during whitening.

Millions have been sold on the TV.Long life battery is included. The light is clinically proven to whiten teeth far more quickly and evenly. The technology and power used in our light is the same as used in dental clinics, however our light is on a smaller scale, based on a BlueLight System with the exact light frequency of 468 nanometers to accelerate the whitening process

To use:  Follow the procedure for applying the thermo trays and whitening gel. Turn on the light and insert in the mouth and close lips around the clear dual arch.The unit will automatically switch off after 10minutes. This light is plasma beam technology so there will be no heat.(Battery Included)