Double Teeth Whitening Effect with ProWhiteSmile Deluxe System, Now on Sale

ProWhiteSmile Deluxe System for a perfect Teeth Whitening Effect makes your teeth whitening effect even more effective. Blue Light with its plasma light work to accelerate the effect of the bleaching gels active ingredients.

The benefits of Home Plasma Laser Whitening System Kit for teeth include, but are not limited to:

  • Accelerate your teeth whitening results by using this patented Plasma Blue Light Laser
  • Works within the same blue wave spectrum that dental laser whitening equipment does
  • Acceralates all Teeth whitening gel to oxidise your stains whiter and faster
  • exactly the same reason why dentists use the laser teeth whitening equipment to achieve maximum whitening results
Pro White Smile Deluxe System With Plasma Light £28.98
Pro White Smile Deluxe System With Plasma Light £28.98

Including The Laser Plasma Light for Even Faster Teeth Whitening. The technology and power used in our light is the same as used in dental clinics, however, our light is on a smaller scale, based on a BlueLight System with the exact light frequency of 468 nanometers, to accelerate the whitening process. Batteries included.

With the ProWhiteSmile Deluxe System, you can get noticeable results after the first treatment with just a few minutes per day. Once you experience the ProWhiteSmile teeth whitening effect, you’ll never go back to store-bought brands or unpleasant dentist visits.