Order Technician Made Custom Bleaching Trays by Post at ProWhiteSmile

Technician Made Custom Bleaching Trays by Post


Technician Made Custom Bleaching Trays:

Complete set of Lab made bleaching trays one person and you still get a Free ProWhiteSmile 16% or 22% Gel and free remineralising gel.

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Lab-made upper and lower custom bleaching trays are tailor-made precision trays. Individually fabricated by our technicians. We have simplified the whole process and you can have your custom bleaching tray quickly and for far less than you would pay at a dentist. We send you a complete impression kit with easy to follow instructions, tooth shade guide and an Extra Set of putty in case you make a mistake. Return the impressions in the return-addressed padded envelope supplied and a few days later you can have your own lab made bleaching trays. You would be lucky to get an initial appointment with a dentist at that time. You can expect the usual outstanding value from ProWhiteSmile. Buy A Set of Lab Made Custom Tray for Only £64.99 or Custom Bleaching Trays for 2 People for only £119.99.

LIMITED TIME OFFER A Free Large Syringe of Our 16% or 22% Carbamide Peroxide Gel with Each Set of Lab Made Bleaching Trays.


16%, 22%