Remineralising Gel | Teeth whitening Gels UK By Prowhitesmile

Remineralising Gel, also known as Remineralization Gel it is a product that revitalizes and desensitize enamel after teeth whitening or after tooth demineralization. Tooth remineralisation is a naturally occurring process in the oral cavity. It is defined as a process in which calcium and phosphate ions are sourced to promote ion deposition into crystal voids in demineralised enamel.
Teeth become sensitive when tooth enamel it is eroded or the gum line recedes and microscopic holes appear, that lead directly to nerves inside the tooth. These nerves are the source of sensitive teeth pain. The remineralization method involves calcium phosphate compounds, the primary mineral in teeth and bone. The process disperses into the tooth structure to “fill” the microscopic hole and repair early cavities, actually making teeth stronger.

A Remineralising Gel is usually easy to apply and alows the enamel to actively remineralize itself in the presence of fluorides, calcium and phosphate.
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