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Custom Made Bleaching Trays-Standard Kit with Plasma Light

Custom Made Bleaching Trays

The best results from At Home Teeth Whitening are achieved by using Dentist approved Carbamide Peroxide based gels and Custom Teeth Bleaching Trays.  With so many whitening products in shops on TV and available online, its easy to get confused.

Teeth whitening toothpastes are good at removing surface stairs but cant reach the deep embedded stains within the tooth. No amount of brushing will remove these type stains. Dentists use professional teeth whitening gel called carbamide peroxide gel.

This amazing gel usually comes in teeth whitening syringes. You may not be aware but your teeth are porous. Over time, eating and drinking cause stains within the tooth. The only way to lighten these stains is to use a teeth bleaching gel that is absorbed into the tooth and whitens from the inside. Dentists can do in office whitening with the help of a powerful light to accelerate the process but they will then typically recommend Custom Teeth Whitening Trays and 16% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel for At Home Whitening. This will enhance and even out the initial procedure. Not all teeth whiten at the same rate. Results will vary depending on the extent and cause of your teeth staining. Yellowish teeth stains generally lift quite quickly but darker stains can take longer to lift. As we age our teeth enamel thins and this is something to consider as enamel lose dulls the teeth.

The Process.  At Home Teeth Whitening

The Dentist will ensure you are a good candidate for Teeth Whitening. Then take an impression of your upper and lower teeth.

Thin plastic trays will be made from these impressions. The Dentist will also supply you with Teeth Whitenig Syringes of Carbamide Peroxide Gel to take home. Following the instructions carefully you will apply the whitening gel to the custom trays and insert them into your mouth for one to three hours per day for a period of usually two weeks to get optimal results.

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