Teeth Whitening Gel- All you need to know about it

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Are you interested in teeth whitening but  not sure which is best? There are a few different types of whitening procedures available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some products will remove surface stains but not embedded stains within the teeth. Professional teeth whitening gel used with teeth whitening trays is a popular at-home option.  Of  all the options the best teeth whitening results come from using carbamide peroxide gels. The most popular types of professional teeth whitening gels are 22% carbamide peroxide and 16% carbamide peroxide. Which one is right for you? Keep reading to find out!


  1. What is professional teeth whitening gel (carbamide peroxide)?


Carbamide peroxide is a teeth whitening gel that is used to bleach teeth from the inside. It turns to hydrogen peroxide when it comes in to contact with the teeth. It is an oxidizing agent. The carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea. Thus, the hydrogen peroxide helps to bleach the teeth by oxidizing the stains on the inside of the teeth. The urea helps to moisturize the teeth and keep them healthy. Carbamide peroxide is available in various concentrations, ranging from 3% to 35%. The higher the concentration of carbamide peroxide, the faster it is at bleaching teeth. However, high concentrations of carbamide peroxide can also cause irritation to the gums and teeth.  Always consult your Dentist before using any teeth whitening kit with carbamide peroxide gels. It is important to use a lower concentration of carbamide peroxide if you have sensitive teeth or gums.


  1. How does teeth whitening gel work (22% and 16%)


Teeth whitening gel is a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching solution that is placed in a custom made bleaching tray and then into the mouth.. The hydrogen peroxide in the gel breaks down into oxygen molecules, which penetrate the tooth enamel and bleaches the stained area. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the gel determines the length of time it needs to be applied to the teeth, as well as the number of treatments required.


  1. Who should use teeth whitening gel


Teeth whitening gel is an effective way to achieve brighter teeth.  After consultation with a Dentist, It is safe for daily use and works by bleaching the teeth to remove any stains or discoloration. The gel is available in different strengths, so it is important to choose the right strength for your needs. For best results, it is recommended to use the gel for two weeks, once per day. If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to start with a lower concentration gel and increase the strength or wear time as your teeth become more accustomed to the gel. You should also avoid eating or drinking anything that could stain your teeth for at least an hour after using the gel.



  1. Side effects of teeth whitening gel


While the gel is generally safe, there are some potential side effects that should be taken into consideration. The most common side effects can be tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. This can occur when the gel comes into contact with the gums, causing irritation. Always avoid gel contacting your soft tissue. Any gum irritation is temporary, but in some cases, it may last for several days after treatment. The action of bleaching teeth dehydrates the tooth as it removes stains. This may cause temporary sensitivity for some people. This can be eased by using remineralising gel to rehydrate the teeth.


  1. Precautions before using teeth whitening gel


These gels contain ingredients that can be harmful to your teeth and gums if used incorrectly, so it is important to follow the instructions carefully. It is also important to avoid eating or drinking anything except water for at least an hour after using the gel, as this can help to maintain the whitening results gained. If you have any concerns about using teeth whitening gel, or if you experience any pain or discomfort during or after treatment, be sure to consult with your dentist immediately.




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