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A home teeth whitening kit can save you alot of money and a trip to the dentist, or more. This is why, here, at ProWhiteSmile, we will try to explain more about the home teeth whitening procedure, products and costs.

Home teeth whitening kit also known as teeth bleaching kit usually means that you need to go to the dentist, get a set of trays for your teeth, and then applying bleach into those trays to whiten your teeth. Here you can avoid that trip because ProWhiteSmile supplies not only bleaching gels, but also custom made trays that you can comfortably order from your phone or desktop.

A less costly method to getting your teeth whitened is to use an in home tooth whitening kit.

Our bleaching techniques and the directions will guide you step-by-step through the process so you are assured of doing it correctly, and with the use of our professional grade whitening products, you can rest assured they your smile would be as white as it would be if you had it done professionally. Usually 9 in 10 people are pleased with the results they get for the price they paid.

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