Dazzling Smiles

Teeth Whitening-Dazzling Smiles

Dazzling smiles at Pro White Smile’s are yours today for less than $40. Bleaching gel solutions-the products contain Carbamide peroxide that generally bleaches the teeth enamel. Most products have anywhere from 10 percent, up to 22 percent of Carbamide peroxide. Our products have 23 percent of Carbamide peroxide making our systems produce quicker results. Teeth whitening products are not designed to liftoff stains such as yellowish hue, brownish discoloration, or other stains that have occurred over years.

teethwhiteningHowever not teeth whitening systems can gradually work through the discoloration after continuous use. However the higher percentage of Carbamide Peroxide, the better the results… This is why Pro White Smile has enhanced products with twenty-three percent of Carbamide Peroxide that works harder to get your teeth White. Carbamide Peroxide a bleaching gel, can be used twice a day, and brings about results in as little as two weeks. Some people suffer with sensitive gums. This is the case, consult with your dentist before purchasing our products. In many cases, people with sensitive gums have found relief after using Teeth Whitening products. While using our Teeth Whitening Systems be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

The Teeth Whitening Systems are not replacements of toothpaste and toothbrush, but a complement. Were low fee you can get toothpaste with whitening gel, ADA tested, and approved, that works together with our Teeth Whitening Systems. Pro White Smile’s Teeth Whitening Systems are great for those of us that drank coffee, tea, wine and other contaminants that stain teeth. The teeth whitening systems if used twice daily will lift coffee stains, tea stains, another stains that accumulate from contaminates. The first thing you should look for when selecting teeth whitening systems is the ADA seal. If the seal is available on the product then the product will work to lift those stains. After using our product or two weeks you will see results.

The results leave you with fresh feeling in your mouth and dazzling White teeth. Your teeth are important for eating and chewing foods. When you neglected your teeth, decay and disease may be the result. When you take the time to brush your teeth, floss your teeth, and use Pro White Teeth Whitening Systems, chances on decay and disease are lowered. Many of our products have complete kits so that you get the dazzling smile you deserve. When you run out of the bleaching gel, or the tools need renewed, not to worry we have refills available. You can check out our products at: www.prowhitesmile.com to learn more about what our Teeth Whitening Systems can do for you. Dazzling smiles means confidence, self-esteem, and great rewards. Our Standard Kit is the one most sold; however, each kit provides you the tools, and 23 percent Carbamide Peroxide for dazzling teeth. We are here 24 hours a day seven days a week to give you a whiter, brighter smile!