16% Bleaching Gel are Available at Discount Prices – Article 2 (500w)

Custom Bleaching Trays-Technician Made Custom Bleaching Trays by Post

Making your teeth sparkling white and beautiful is as simple as going to a dentist for a treatment or buying whitening gels that you can use at home. Teeth discolor for various reasons. Today, many people are taking steps to have brighter smiles by purchasing a product that that is available on the market. One of these products are the 16% bleaching tubes that you can get at discount prices.

This means that buying in tubes or large whitening refills and kits can save you money. As in any product that you buy in bulk, you will usually save money. This offer is one of the best deals that you could possibly find in the teeth whitening market.


16% Bleaching Tubes

16% Bleaching Tubes:

We can supply you with teeth whitening by post. 16% carbamide peroxide in tubes from www.prowhitesmiles.com, a leading provider of home whitening system. Each tube contains 10 ml of fast whitening, high penetrating and low sensitivity carbamide peroxide gel. This is a bulk offer and can also include custom bleaching trays. You simply apply the whitening gel on the tray. While you can directly put the gel into your teeth without the trays, like with teeth whitening pens, it can be quickly washed away by the saliva. The tray is used to hold the bleaching solution and prevent it from going washing off the teeth or being diluted with saliva.

The gel content in the tube can give you 20 or more bleaching tray applications. As Our whitening gel tubes hold 10ml of bleaching gel, you get more for your money compared to the competition.

Our 16% bleaching tubes are designed for powerful and safe teeth whitening used in conjunction with your own Dentist. This is the same gel that many dentists use, so you can expect it to be effective. Carbamide peroxide in 16% concentration is more popular than hydrogen peroxide for at home whitening.

Our teeth bleaching by post provides you with a convenient bleaching procedure at home. The 16% carbamide solution is strong enough to make you satisfied with the results, without the inconvenience of repeated trips to and from a dentist’s clinic

The 16% carbamide peroxide solution in tubes is the safest and most cost-effective teeth whitening product that you can choose. It suits your needs and your budget and does not require too much time to devote to the whitening procedure. Teeth whitening gels in 16% and 22% carbamide peroxide gels are available for £9.99 with fast shipping. Custom bleaching systems are £59.99 and include free teeth whitening gel in the strength recommended by your dentist. Visit Us Now. www.prowhitesmile.com