This Gel is Similar to Vitamins and Minerals for Your Teeth.

Enables the Tooth to Actively Remineralise Itself with Fluorides, Calcium, Phosphate. Also Strengthens Tooth Enamel

Shown to Remineralise Small Invisible Lesions
A Great Way to Revitalise Tooth Enamel on its Own or aAfter the Teeth Bleaching Process.

If You have Sensitive Teeth this Product makes Teeth Less Sensitive to Hot, Cold, Air Pressure and Touch. Remineralising Gel increases the Resistance of Teeth to Dental Caries (decay). We can naturally have sensitive Teeth or they can become Sensitive if Tooth Enamel Erodes or the Gum line recedes, exposing tiny Microscopic Holes (Tubules) that lead directly to Nerves inside the Tooth.

These Nerves are the Source of Sensitive Teeth Pain. The Remineralsation Method contains Fluoride, Calcium Phosphate Compounds, the primary Mineral in Teeth and Bone. The Gel is Absorbed into the Tooth Structure to “fill” the Microscopic Hole and Repair Early Cavities, actually making Teeth Stronger thus Less Sensitive. So The New Calcium Phosphate Process Overcomes these problems and Remineralises Teeth Rapidly.

Easy to Use, Just Place A Small Amount of The Gel in Your Mouth Trays and Wear for 5 minutes for Best Results and can be applied before Bed to Provide Thorough Night Time Reminerilisation.