Dr Georges Dental White Teeth Whitening Kit

Dr George Madrays Pioneering Product Development gave us Dental Strength Teeth Whitening in an At Home System.It contains 15% Carbamide Peroxide and is Ideal for Those with Sensitive Teeth.

On the Oprah Winfrey Show, June 27, 2005, Dr. George’s Dental White was praised by one of the guests on Oprah’s special entitled: “How To Look 10 Years Younger Now!” Her remarks were, ” And the best kept secret is my Dr. George’s Dental White. Today I feel fabulous.” – Internet sales on Dental White shot up over 50 fold, instantaneously.

Magazine Reviews


Vogue is one of the most respectable magazines in UK circulation today, when they were looking for products for a 2 page feature, entitled “Vogue’s Tooth Fairy” they approached us and we are delighted that they chose our kits to lead the feature.


When GQ magazine decided to run a feature on the 10 essential items you need in your bathroom cabinet, having featured our kits back in August they were so impressed by the value for money and the results our kits produced that they included our kits as one of the 10 products. The feature can be found on page 350.


Prima magazine have just released their Christmas essential collection booklet and have included our kits as one of the must have products as either a Christmas gift or as a perfect gift to yourself.

They say that you “Can have your very own personal White Christmas” with our kits.

Love it

Love It Magazine have reviewed our kits in their 20-26 of June issue. The kits were given 4 1/2 out of 5 and were recommended as the winner and best buy. The tester says “I saw progress day by day, and the results were very good. My teeth were lighter and brighter, and my mouth felt extremely fresh”.

Health & Fitness

On page 43 of this edition, our kits are featured as the “best value for money teeth whitening procedure available in the UK”. Health & Fitness magazine is a very well respected and long running magazine with a loyal and massive readership.


Brides magazine is the leading publication for weddings in the UK. They quote in the New Year issue how our kits are “guaranteed to give the bride and groom fantastic smiles on their big day”. Adding confidence to the happy couple safe in the knowledge that they can smile as much as they can and that those smiles will shine through onto the pics of their big day.

Good Housekeeping Magazine said,, Crest Whitening Strips have been shown to be most convenient but found to be slightly less effective than the “warm & form” custom tray method which Dr. Madray patented and Dental White incorporates.

Midweek & Nine to Five

Nine to Five & Meedweek magazine ran a Smile Week in mid May and chose our kits to have in their feature as their teeth whitening product.