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We offer trade discounts to Hair and Beauty Salons on teeth whitening gels, kits and teeth whitening strips.  Do you or your clients need teeth whitening gels or whitening strips?

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Amazing teeth whitening and you can get it done at your local salon. No fear inducing trips to the dental office. No pre-appointments, no trays or gels. Salon Teeth Whitening it’s a perfect solution to get your pearly whites sparkling for summer.

Teeth are important for eating and speaking, but their usefulness goes beyond just their obvious function. Your teeth also play an important role in how you look and how you feel about yourself. Having a bright smile can boost your self-confidence, help you dazzle in photographs, and encourage you to smile more readily and more naturally. The appearance of someone’s teeth is a major factor in first impressions, which is important in a variety of scenarios, from first dates to job interviews. Although playing such an essential role, teeth are constantly subject to elements that cause yellowing, which undermines the clean white look you’re after.

According to Dr. Alina Lane, DDS, “Current research shows that the use of LED whitening kits is quite safe when used infrequently, however it is extremely common to see an increase in tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation immediately after using these products. Where many whitening systems can be harsh on your gums and enamel, this solution is completely safe for your enamel and gentle on your teeth (especially if you have naturally sensitive ones), and are totally free from harsh ingredients. This dentist-recommended system is both effective as well as comfortable to use